1) How long is your course?

Answer:  160 hours. Our weekday course is approximately four weeks long. Our weekend course is eight weeks (Saturday/Sunday only).  Night classes run eight weeks. 

2) I would need help paying for school. Is that available?

Answer: Yes, financing and grants are available to those who qualify. Check out our school Information page for more details.

3) Does Coastal help me find a job when I finish school?

Answer: Yes, we do help! There are many companies that are eager to hire COASTAL graduates. We have job placement personnel at each campus who can assist you.

4)  I don’t live close enough to any of your campuses to commute. Are there any alternatives for me?

Answer:  Yes! We offer housing for those students who cannot commute on a daily basis. The housing is dormitory-style, furnished with a microwave, refrigerator, and TV–and is included in your tuition. Check the location nearest you for more details.

5) Are there any opportunities for women in the trucking industry?

Answer:  There are many opportunities for women in the trucking industry, and many carriers heavily recruit women drivers.

6) I’d like to be a truck driver, but I don’t want to leave home very often. Would I have to be a “long-haul driver”?

Answer: There are many opportunities for local and regional drivers, as well as those individuals who prefer longer trips.

7) I am already a truck driver with a CDL. When I need to renew my license, can I do that at Coastal?

Answer:  Yes. Every Coastal campus is an approved third-party testing center for individuals and companies who need CDL renewal, as well as first-time testing. Check out our CDL testing page for more information.

8) How do I enroll?

Answer: Contact the location nearest you to speak to an admissions representative.

9) I have a CDL license, but I have not driven over-the-road for some time … so companies will not hire me. How can you help?

Answer:  Coastal Truck Driving School has a refresher course available that will make you “job ready.”

10) Would it benefit me to visit the campus closest to me?

Answer: Yes! We encourage you to visit us to see our training first-hand and learn more about a career in truck driving.