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Coastal Truck Driving School FAQ

Popular Questions

How long is your course?

Our Class A course is 160 hours. Our weekday course is approximately four weeks long, weekend courses are eight weeks, and night classes run eight weeks long. 

What are the requirements to attend Coastal Truck Driving School?

Requirements include completing an admissions application, possessing a valid driver’s license and social security card, and more.

What type of equipment will I be training on?

Training includes in-classroom learning from our instructors and hands-on training with our commercial trucks and other trucking industry equipment.

Do you teach manual shifting?

Our comprehensive education includes teaching manual shifting.

I would need help paying for school. Is that available?

Yes, flexible in-house financing and grants are available to those who qualify. Check out our tuition assistance information for more details, or talk to one of our representatives at 1-800-486-3639.

Does Coastal Truck Driving School help me find a job when I finish school?

Yes, we do help! Many companies are eager to hire Coastal Truck Driving School graduates. We have job placement personnel at each campus who can assist you.

I don’t live close enough to any of your campuses to commute. Are there any alternatives for me?

Yes! We offer housing for those students who cannot commute daily. The housing is dormitory-style, furnished with a microwave, refrigerator, and TV. Housing is provided at no additional charge.

Housing is offered at all locations except Harvey.

What do I need to bring to the dormitories?

Students must bring their clothing, towels, twin-sized bed sheets, blanket and pillow, non-perishable food, personal toiletries, and an alarm clock. Contact us with any additional questions about what you can bring.

How do I enroll?

Would it benefit me to visit the campus closest to me?

Yes! We encourage you to visit us to see our training first-hand and learn more about a career in truck driving. Find a location nearest you and schedule a tour.

Frequently Asked Questions About CDLs

Are there any opportunities for women in the trucking industry?

Yes, there are many opportunities for women in the trucking industry, and many carriers heavily recruit women drivers.

I want to be a truck driver, but I don’t want to leave home for long periods of time. Would I have to be a “long-haul driver”?

There are job opportunities for local and regional drivers that rely on short trips, as well as job opportunities for national drivers for those individuals who prefer longer trips. You don’t have to be a “long-haul driver” unless you want to.

I have a CDL license, but I have not driven on the road for some time, so companies will not hire me. How can you help?

Coastal Truck Driving School has a refresher course available that will make you job-ready.