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How Coastal Truck Driving School Can Get You Trained CDL Drivers

Coastal Truck Driving School assists businesses in obtaining their goals of a professional and well-trained staff with commercial driver’s license training, testing, and more. Get drivers you can depend on when you partner with Coastal Truck Driving School for custom programs designed to fit your company’s needs.

Programs Designed to Meet Your Company’s Needs

If you’re asking how Coastal Truck Driving School can get you trained CDL drivers, you’re not alone. We’ve helped many companies train a dependable staff of drivers with custom training programs. Whether you already have a team of qualified drivers who need additional training or you’re looking for recently graduated students who are ready to get on the road, we’re here to help.

Coastal Truck Driving School works with companies to design a program that suits their requirements. We’ll integrate with your existing policies and ensure your drivers get the supplemental training solutions needed to make your fleet a success.

Our Programs at Coastal Truck Driving School to Get You Trained CDL Drivers

  • Entry-Level Commercial Driver’s License Training
  • Ongoing Commercial Driver’s License Training
  • Individualized Tutoring
  • Driver Evaluation
  • CSA Programs
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Fleet Recommendations

Benefits of Partnering with Coastal Truck Driving School

Local Campuses for Your Convenience

Custom Training & Programs

Authorized Third-Party Examiner

Female instructor giving CDL training to man renewing license

Call us today to develop a program for your drivers that will steer them back onto the right path. As a licensed school, our team is experienced in assisting drivers in maintaining professionalism while on your clock.

How Coastal Truck Driving School Gets You Trained CDL Drivers in Compliance, Safety, & Accountability

When you have a team of drivers who need correctional training because their CSA scores are dropping, we deliver with BASICs training and programs that target problem areas. Correct issues before they hurt your company’s reputation with our proven training programs. We cover:

  • Unsafe Driving: Operation of CMVs by drivers in a dangerous or careless manner
  • Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance: Operation of CMVs by drivers who are ill, fatigued, or noncompliant with the HOS regulations. This BASIC includes violations of regulations pertaining to records of duty status (RODS) as they relate to HOS requirements and the management of CMV driver fatigue
  • Driver Fitness: Operation of CMVs by drivers who are unfit to operate a CMV due to lack of training, experience, or medical qualifications
  • Controlled Substances/Alcohol: Operation of CMVs by drivers who are impaired due to alcohol, illegal drugs, and misuse of prescription or over-the-counter medications
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Failure to properly maintain a CMV and/or to properly prevent shifting loads
  • Hazardous Materials (M) Compliance: Unsafe handling of HM on a CMV
  • Crash Indicator: Histories or patterns of high crash involvement, including frequency and severity, based on information from state-reported crashes

Partnering with Coastal Truck Driving School for Driver & Safety Training Programs

When you need training for already contracted drivers, our team of professional instructors at Coastal Truck Driving School can provide flexible CDL training courses. Train your drivers today and feel confident in their ability to handle any situation on the road.

Course Options

* Test rental vehicles available

  • 160 Hour Course
  • 150 Hour Course
  • 80 Hour Course
  • 40 Hour Passenger Course
  • Class A 40 Hours
  • Class B 40 Hours
  • Defensive Driving 40 Hours
  • Driver Assessments
  • Tutoring by the Hour
  • Third-Party Examination

Coastal Truck Driving School is an Authorized Third-Party Examiner

We’re an authorized third-party examiner for the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles and can administer testing for trained drivers. We test for Class A, B, C, school bus, and passenger endorsement. Contact us today if you’d like testing services for your team of drivers.

Coastal Truck Driving School Provides Quality CDL Training for Your Drivers

Get the training and testing you need by partnering with Coastal Truck Driving School. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we can offer training at our multiple locations or your facility for ultimate convenience. Keep your business going and your drivers safe with programs designed to fit your company’s schedule.