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Financial Aid For Truck Driving School

September 21, 2021

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dollar bills and tuition agreement offering financial assistance for truck driving school

Financial Assistance Options For Truck Driving School

If you’re considering a career in trucking, you may be wondering, “Can I get financial assistance for truck driving school?” The short answer is yes; most trucking schools accept forms of tuition assistance. The types of tuition and financial assistance a trucking school accepts vary depending on the school.

At Coastal Truck Driving School, we understand that not all of our applicants can afford the cost of school outright, which is why we accept various financial assistance programs for truck driving schools and offer flexible in-house financing. Contact our admissions office today and get started on your new career!

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State & Federal Programs for Truck Driving School Financial Assistance

There are many state and federal programs for those seeking financial assistance for truck driving school. Programs for financial assistance for truck driving school include:

Workforce Investment Act Grant (WIA) – A program created by the 1998 Workforce Investment Act aims to help individuals improve their employment prospects. If you are considering applying for this financial assistance for truck driving school, talk to your local workforce commission to find out how to apply. Coastal currently has schools in Louisiana, you can find out more about Louisiana’s Workforce Commission here.

Motivation Education & Training (MET) – MET offers financial assistance to residents of rural areas in multiple states across the nation. These grants are typically awarded to individuals in the agriculture industry, but initiatives vary. Find out more on their site here.

Veterans Affairs/GI Bill – VA and GI bills also offer financial assistance for truck driving schools. These bills are great ways for those who have served in the United States military to expand their education and start their civilian careers. Discover more about your benefits on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

While all of these programs are available, you’ll need to contact your local trucking school to determine which forms of tuition assistance they can accept. Coastal accepts and is an approved CDL training provider for WIA, MET, VA/GI Bill, and more. Contact our admissions office for more information about financial assistance for truck driving school and get started in your new career.

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Tuition Reimbursement

If you’re worrying that you don’t meet the requirements of the financial assistance programs for truck driving school, don’t worry. Most trucking companies offer some form of tuition reimbursement as a benefit to their employees. This benefit only applies to new drivers who have recently graduated from truck driving school.

Trucking companies that offer financial assistance for truck driving school graduates will often help by providing a bonus on checks. The extra money is meant to help pay off student loans or reimburse graduates for tuition already paid. This includes helping with payments if you had to finance your tuition. Pay schedules and the total amount reimbursed vary depending on the company.

Most of the companies that hire Coastal Truck Driving School graduates offer tuition reimbursement as part of their benefits package. Talk to our admissions office today for information about tuition reimbursement and financial assistance for truck driving school.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tuition reimbursement is different from contract training. Contact training typically requires the student to sign a contract with the company first, where they then attend CDL training. After they begin working, the cost is taken directly out of their paychecks.

In-House Financing

Some CDL schools offer their own financial assistance for their truck driving school in the form of in-house financing. These are typically more flexible and have fewer requirements than traditional loans.

However, each school’s policy and financing options differ; be sure to ask the school you’re considering attending for more information about their financial assistance options for truck driving school.

At Coastal, we want you to succeed in your new career. So, we offer in-house financing for those who may not be able to get financial assistance for truck driving school in other ways. Whether you can’t acquire a traditional loan or don’t qualify for any of the grant programs, our admissions office is happy to help you.

Don’t let the cost of tuition keep you from success. There are plenty of options for those who need financial assistance for truck driving school. Find out what option is best for you when you talk to our admission representatives today. Call Coastal today or fill out an application online.