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Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 

Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 


Corporate CDL Training for Your Company

January 31, 2023

Trucks for Corporate CDL Training

Why You Need CDL Training for Your Company

If your company has a fleet of commercial vehicles, it’s imperative that your workforce is properly trained and licensed before operating the vehicles. Company CDL training, or corporate CDL training, is the process of training and licensing your staff, so they are prepared to be behind the driver’s seat.

Coastal Truck Driving School is the premier provider of company CDL training in the Gulf Coast region. Our 4-week, ELDT-compliant program helps your company by providing top-notch training that teaches your workforce everything from basic maneuvers to handling on-the-road disaster scenarios. Call our office at 1-800-486-3639 today for more information about company CDL training.

Benefits of Company CDL Training

Current Licenses & Quality Training

Whether you have a fleet of buses or big rigs, corporate CDL training is a great option to ensure your employees are all up to date on their CDL training and licensing. Your company will be able to rest assured knowing that your workforce has been properly trained and knows how to operate commercial vehicles safely.

Additional Trained Staff

Another benefit of company CDL training is having extra qualified hands around, just in case. While some of your employees may not need a CDL, it’s a good idea to have them undergo the training and licensing so they can understand the job and fill in if necessary.

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Recruitment Benefits

If having a CDL is necessary for the job, you may lose out on valuable employees that aren’t qualified yet. By offering on-the-job training, you’ll be able to recruit a larger pool of employees than before. You can highlight your company’s CDL training as an added benefit that many prospective employees will find appealing.

Schedule Control & Customized Approach

As an experienced company CDL training provider, our team can design the class to fit your needs and busy schedules. Whether you need to train drivers for a fleet of buses or commercial moving vans, we can tailor the class to your requirements and meet the ELDT standards. We’re also able to help with your ongoing needs, should you need to hire more drivers, through our job placement program.

Employee Retention – Decrease Turnover

Many companies that offer corporate CDL training require their employees to sign a one-year contract. The contract is to ensure the newly trained employees don’t take the free training and leave, but company CDL training also helps with retention. Employees value companies that invest in them, and by offering free training, you’re showing your employees that you care about their future.

Convenient Licensing

Coastal is an authorized third-party examiner, so we can not only train your team but also administer testing for licensing. Whether you need Class A, B, or C, we can get your staff up to par, licensed, and even tested for endorsements like the passenger endorsement required for operating buses.

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Get Quality Company CDL Training from Coastal

As a leader in CDL training, Coastal is proud to serve companies that need corporate CDL training. We’ll even come to your business and provide on-site employee training. Our experienced instructors will make you and your employees confident in your abilities. Get them road ready in as few as four weeks.

Whether you need your employees to have a Class A CDL license to operate tractor-trailers, or you’re a school looking to have your coaches certified to drive buses, you can count on Coastal. Contact us today for ELDT-compliant company CDL training.