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Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 

Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 


Women in Trucking – Shaping the Future of the Industry

September 13, 2022

women in trucking

Women in Trucking – Shaping the Future of the Industry

With only 10% of all truckers identifying as female, a career in trucking may not seem like an option for most women. But, a few trucking companies are making it a point to employ more women by offering paid CDL training and the promise of equal pay.

Coastal Truck Driving School is dedicated to providing exceptional training and job placement so our graduates can be confident in their abilities and succeed in their careers. With our CDL program, women interested in trucking can be road ready in just four weeks. Contact our office today for more information on enrollment.

How Women in Trucking Are Changing the Industry

Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, women in trucking are shaping the future of the industry. As gender stereotypes in trucking are being broken down, more and more women are flocking to fill job openings.

In fact, the number of women in trucking is growing by 10% every year, nearly doubling the growth of their male counterparts. Organizations like Women In Trucking are helping this growth by providing resources for women in the industry to succeed. The non-profit organization promotes inclusive work environments, equal pay and benefits, and professional development for women in trucking. The importance of these resources for new female truck drivers cannot be understated.

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The Challenges for Women in Trucking

Though the trend of trucking companies hiring more women is promising, there are still a few challenges women in trucking face. Some companies may be hesitant to hire women or have outdated policies that may discriminate against non-males. Still, with more women seeking jobs in trucking, many companies are shifting their views and adopting inclusive hiring practices, especially with the recent shortages of truck drivers.

Breaking into a male-dominated industry is a difficult task, but companies like Schneider are helping women in trucking put their best foot forward by providing job opportunities, equal pay, paid CDL training, and unparalleled home time. Coastal Truck Driving School is proud to work with companies like Schneider through our job placement program.

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Get the Training You Need to Be a Confident Woman in Trucking

As the Gulf South’s leader in CDL training, Coastal Truck Driving School is committed to providing the training for women in trucking to succeed. Our CDL program will have you confident in your skills and road ready in as little as four weeks.

To help our students get started in their careers, we also offer:

  • Night & weekend classes
  • Free dorm housing during training (in select locations)
  • Tuition assistance
  • And a job placement program

Get in the driver’s seat and become one of the powerful women in trucking today with the help of Coastal. Call our offices at 1-800-486-3639 for enrollment information.