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Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 

Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 


How To Pass The CDL Test

October 18, 2022

a teacher helping a student understand how to pass the cdl test

How To Pass The CDL Test

Getting your CDL and starting your career in trucking is an exciting time. But before you hop into the driver’s seat and hit the road, you must pass a written and practical CDL test. The assessment is designed to test your ability to drive a truck as well as determine your knowledge of everything that goes into being a trucker.

When you attend Coastal Truck Driving School, you’ll be confident in your knowledge and abilities. As a premier CDL training school, our instructors will equip you with everything you need to pass the CDL test and start your career in as few as four weeks. Contact our admissions office today and get started!

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How to Pass the CDL Test Tip #1 – Study!

The best way to prepare and pass the CDL test is to study! The CDL test will require you to have extensive knowledge of how your truck works, weight displacement, and much more. Paying attention in class, taking great notes, and asking questions will set you up to pass the CDL test and get on the road.

After class, you should take some time to study your notes and ask your instructors or fellow students questions on topics you’re struggling with.

How to Pass the CDL Test Tip #2 – Take Practice Exams

There are numerous practice exams available online, and your CDL training program may offer some as well. Taking these practice exams will prepare you for the real thing and help you pass the CDL test. Remember that practice makes perfect, so if you’re studying and taking practice seriously, you should pass the CDL with no problems.

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How to Pass the CDL Test Tip #3 – Practice Your Driving

You’ll need to do more than just memorize lessons in the classroom to pass the CDL test; you’ll also have to demonstrate that you can properly drive a truck. So, make sure you’re really paying attention when you’re driving with your instructor. You may also be able to get some extra practice in if your school offers it.

At Coastal, we take pride in our high standards of training, and the trucking company recruiters know our graduates make incredible employees. From docking to how to handle emergency situations, our students learn everything about how to drive both manual and automatic trucks.

And when you graduate from our CDL training school, you can take advantage of our Job Placement program to get started in your career. Find out about our Job Placement program and more when you call our admissions office at 1-800-486-3639.

How to Pass the CDL Test Tip #4 – Know What You Need Help With

We’ve talked about it a few times in this article, but we can’t emphasize it enough – know what you need help with. When you take practice exams, make a note of the questions you miss. If you need help with driving, ask for extra practice or for help from the instructors.

Only you know what you don’t know, so it’s important to think about the areas you’re struggling with and get the help you need in those areas if you want to pass the CDL test.

Pass the CDL Test & Start Your Career with Coastal

Coastal Truck Driving school has the best CDL training program in the Gulf South. With campuses in Louisiana and Mississippi, free dorm housing in Louisiana, and a Job Placement program, no other school is equipped to provide the exceptional training we do. Our instructors help you learn and practice so that you can pass the CDL test and start your career. Contact us today to enroll and be road ready in as few as four weeks.