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Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 

Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 


Tips for Cross-Country Trucking

October 24, 2023

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America’s open roads tell stories of landscapes that shift with every mile, cultures as diverse as the terrain, and a profession that’s more than just transportation—it’s an adventure. As the pulse of the nation’s commerce beats, cross-country trucking stands as both a challenge and a privilege. Drawing from Coastal Truck Driving School’s expertise, here are a few tips for cross-country trucking to conquer those highways with expertise and enthusiasm.

Cross-Country Trucking Tip #1 – Charting the Ideal Journey

In an era saturated with digital marvels, truckers are empowered with a plethora of GPS tools and apps that promise efficient route planning. But remember, while technology can guide you, instincts, honed through training and experience, ensure you always find your way, even in the rare moments tech might fail.

Beyond the shortest path, consider what makes for a smooth journey. Factoring in regular stops at well-reviewed, safe trucker hubs can rejuvenate your spirit. Keeping an eye on fuel efficiency and having knowledge of frequent traffic bottlenecks can streamline your route, ensuring punctuality and minimizing stress.

Cross-country Trucking Tip #2 – Battling Fatigue

The road can be hypnotic, and while its rhythm can be comforting, it’s essential to counter fatigue with discipline. Remember, a well-rested driver isn’t just more alert; they’re a shield against potential road mishaps. Make it a rule to pull over regularly while cross-country trucking. Seek out rest areas known for safety and comfort. Lean on the collective wisdom of the trucking community; their reviews and feedback about various stops can be invaluable.

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Cross-country Trucking Tip #3 – Entertainment While Driving

The open road during a cross-country trucking trip provides ample time for reflection, but a touch of entertainment can keep the journey lively. Whether it’s the latest thriller audiobook, a podcast series about mysteries of the universe, or a music playlist spanning decades, the right audio can elevate your driving experience.

At Coastal Truck Driving School, we emphasize the importance of selecting non-distracting entertainment that complements, rather than competes with, the road’s demands. As a leader in CDL training, our graduates understand how to balance being entertained and safe during cross-country trucking trips.

Cross-country Trucking Tip #4 – Gear Up for Uncertainties

The road is full of surprises. When taking on cross-country trucking, equipping yourself with an emergency kit with weather-appropriate attire, sustenance, and essential tools ensures you’re prepared for the unexpected.

The health of your truck is paramount. Adhering to regular maintenance schedules and performing thorough pre-trip inspections can preempt many on-road issues, ensuring smoother journeys.

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Cross-country Trucking Tip #5 – Savoring the Tapestry of American Cultures

Every cross-country trucking trip unveils a mosaic of American life. Relish in local offerings at your stops, be it a culinary specialty from a roadside diner or a brief chat with locals. Embracing and respecting the diverse cultures you encounter enriches your journey and fosters connections that go beyond mere commerce.

Be Prepared for Cross-country Trucking with Coastal

America’s highways offer more than just a transit route—they’re a journey of discovery, challenge, and growth. Each mile you cover on your cross-country trucking journey is a testament to your skills, dedication, and the top-notch training you’ve received.

Coastal Truck Driving School is a leader in CDL training, not just for new drivers, but in refresher courses for experienced drivers. Learn more about what Coastal can do for your career today. Stay curious, stay safe, and remember, the horizon always holds a new story. Safe travels!