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Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 

Hurricane Ida Update:

Harvey, Hammond, and Baton Rouge classes will resume on September 20th. 


What Employers Want: Key Skills for New Truck Drivers

September 19, 2023

man that has skills for new truck driver posing by truck in safety gear

The trucking industry is the backbone of modern commerce, delivering goods and services that fuel our daily lives and the economy. Given the critical role truck drivers play, new truck drivers must learn key skills that go beyond basic driving.

Coastal Truck Driving School is your go-to truck driving school in the Gulf South for a career-ready education in trucking. We’re committed to developing highly skilled, safety-conscious, and adaptable drivers who can meet the ever-changing demands of this vibrant industry. Our graduates are sought after by some of the nation’s biggest and best trucking companies. Learn the skills for new truck drivers employers want when you go to Coastal, and contact our admissions office for more information.

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The New Truck Driver Skills Employers in the Trucking Industry Seek

In the highly competitive trucking industry, employers aren’t just looking for drivers; they are seeking well-rounded professionals. Here’s a closer look at the key truck driving skills employers are looking for:

  • Safe Driving Practices: Safety isn’t a buzzword; it’s a lifeline in this industry. Drivers must be trained to handle their rigs under various conditions, weather, and terrains while also sharing the road responsibly with other motorists.
  • Time Management: The trucking business runs on deadlines. Good drivers must plan their routes efficiently to meet schedules without compromising safety measures.
  • Customer Service: Drivers often interact directly with clients, making them the face of their company. Excellent communication and conflict-resolution skills are therefore vital for ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Mechanical Aptitude: A basic understanding of truck mechanics can save both time and money. Being able to diagnose minor issues before they become major problems is invaluable.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The trucking industry is highly regulated, from weight limits to rest breaks. Drivers need to be well-versed in the laws that govern their work.
  • Adaptability: Roads are unpredictable. Drivers must be ready to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, whether a sudden storm, an accident causing a traffic jam, or an unexpected detour.

The importance of these skills for new truck drivers cannot be overstated. They serve as pillars of a successful trucking career, ensuring employability, career longevity, and growth.

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How Coastal’s CDL Training Program Helps Develop Skills for New Truck Drivers

At Coastal Truck Driving School, our comprehensive Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training program is deliberately structured to build these essential truck driver skills employers want. We use a mix of classroom instruction, hands-on training, and real-world experiences facilitated by industry veterans.

By integrating these skill sets into our program, we are confident that our graduates will emerge not merely as drivers but as industry-ready professionals. Coastal’s commitment to comprehensive skills training means our students are prepared for more than just passing a test; they are equipped for a successful and fulfilling career in the trucking industry.

Put your best foot forward and contact our admissions office today to learn more about our incredible truck driver training program.